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What a designer really thinks about when coming up with ideas.

When you are immersed in your profession, there is just no turning off the mind.

I am always juggling problem solving existing ideas, thinking about future ideas, and prioritizing the best idea to work on next, which is the hardest of all.

Of course, working on a project tends to birth yet more ideas. Some of which are worth exploring in the moment.

This leads to an awkward internal dialogue.

You know the one.

It's where you have to meet with a good, faithful, patient idea. The very idea that you had a conversation with last time something came up.

And you made a promise.

"You're next no matter what!"

You were serious too.

But then this new shiny idea came along, and you don't even know if it's any good but you just have to try it out! You can't ignore it! It's too important, and you just have to know if it's good!

And with a heavy heart you let down the good, old, faithful idea as easily as possible, hoping it will return just one more time, after you are finished with the impostor.

The mind is finally sorted. What a relief!

Now go tell your boss why you did something totally different than what you have discussed and the results didn't come out as expected.

Damn the consequences!

To make something great you have to take the risks!

Welcome to the mind of a designer!

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