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My Story


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Act 1

The course of my life was set the moment I picked up a pencil. I was gifted the ability to depict stories through illustrations on a page.


As I matured, the tip of my pencil proved too narrow to adequately satisfy the demands of my ideas.


I devoted my education and career to master the new tools of artistic expression; digital art, motion graphics, computer animation, all necessary for success in the creative industry.

Act 2

I have worked with well known brands designing their messaging and telling their stories. My work was shown on TV, in stores, airports, in video games and on social media. 

But Social media changed the creative game.

Act 3

The most valuable skill a creator is the ability to build an audience. 


My focus shifted to the art of storytelling. The rest of the cast of skills play the crucial supporting roles. The stage is YouTube, Livestreams and Blogs. 

From the moment I have picked up my pencil I have been preparing for this role...

It's showtime! 

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